CFTE presents 4 Masterclasses at Singapore Fintech Festival on ‘Fintech Essentials’

CFTE introduces a “Fintech Essentials” series of 4 masterclasses at the Singapore Fintech Festival, to provide foundational knowledge in digital finance to all attendees as this year’s theme is “People and Talent”. Attendees will learn from top industry experts about Fintech, AI and Open Banking.

CFTE has a long standing relationship with SFF and has been present at the festival since its first edition. This year more outstandingly, CFTE’s co-founders Huy and Tram Anh Nguyen are also Ambassadors of the SFF. CFTE has a proven track record of delivering high-notch industry-led courses on the different disruptors of the finance industry. Among its programme directors are experts and leaders in Fintech.

During this Singapore Fintech Festival edition, CFTE will be hosting a series of 4 masterclasses on Fintech Essentials, to equip attendees with the foundational knowledge in Fintech needed to thrive in the new world of digital finance.

Finance is changing and technology is at the core of it all. As this year's edition focuses on talent and skills, upskilling and learning about the industry’s transformation is essential.

To drive these masterclasses successfully, CFTE has gathered top industry experts in their field to teach about AI, Open Banking and Platforms, Fintech and its developments for the past 5 years.

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