Fostering the entrepreneur mindset in Financial Services: CFTE’s upcoming course

CFTE is about to unveil its Intrapreneurship in Financial Services online course aiming at equipping the financial industry with the tools and mindset of innovative organisations.

Entrepreneurship is sometimes exclusively associated with start-ups – a limited view of where innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets have a place. But the truth is that entrepreneurship can and must happen within corporations as well. That is what is called intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneurship has been the source of many of the successful innovations we see in businesses today, for instance, the post-it note or Facebook’s like button. It is a source of value creation within corporations. It helps them adapt and evolve by developing new business ideas. Businesses that undervalue the need for innovative thinking and entrepreneurial mindsets within their organisations risk losing competitiveness in the market.

CFTE looks forward to presenting its course on Intrapreneurship in Financial Services, imparted by serial intrapreneur, ex-Santander, François Blanc. The course has been designed with the sole intention of equipping corporate leaders with the tools to start fostering innovation in their organisations immediately. Learning outcomes include the importance of a formal intrapreneurship programme, how to secure funding for your intrapreneurial project and how to take it from ideation to hypergrowth.

Francois Blanc is a Serial Intrapreneur with 20 years of experience across industries like banking, telecommunications, and media. He has worked in many multinationals including Santander and Orange, to name a few. He merges the corporate world, where he has been responsible for large digital transformation programs, and the startup world, as the founder of 3 different ventures. Francois is also an Angel investor and early-stage startup advisor in London-based accelerator programs, including Virgin Startups, Techstars, and Seedcamp.

His speciality lies in Segmented Consumer Marketing Proposition, Agile Digital Product Development, Digital Marketing, Omnichannel Customer Experience, and Data Science (from BI to Machine Learning).

This course also includes a broad range of experts from large financial institutions who all led Intrapreneurship projects in their organisations. Intrapreneurs from Prudential, SV Ventures, and more will share valuable insights and knowledge to learners.

Despite the current systematic uncertainties, CFTE’s mission remains the same: to upskill learners and ensure that they are well-positioned to embrace FinTech 2.0. This specialisation is a reflection of our commitment to this goal. If you’re interested in learning more, register your interest here, or alternatively contact us at [email protected]

Details on the course

This is a self-paced, fully online course. The course curriculum includes the following 4 chapters:

Ch.1: What Is Intrapreneurship and Why Is It Gaining Such Momentum?

Ch.2: Building an Intrapreneurship Proposal

Ch.3: Getting Started on Your Intrapreneurship Journey

Ch.4: Making it Happen: Setting You up For Success

Ch.5: Keeping the Internal Momentum

Ch.6: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Upon the completion of each of the chapters of the course, participants will receive a certificate. Regular pricing is placed at £225.

Corporate deals are also available upon request.

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