Learning how to make decisions in an uncertain environment - with  Extrapreneurship

In pressing times like these, one of the key skills required to overcome challenges is the ability to make decisions in an uncertain environment. This is why we are re-starting our Extrapreneurship Programme. CFTE has partnered with NEAT to launch its new program starting 22 June 2020.

The CFTE Extrapreneurhsip programme allows professionals to experience the work environment and methodologies of a high-growth startup. CFTE offers the unique opportunity to participate in the programme with a diverse and talented cohort of professionals.

Extrapreneurship is a core offering of our entrepreneurship pillar. It  successfully rolled out in 2018 with an Asian Challenger bank, who looked at the best methods to acquire new customers via strategic role partnership. Some of our previous partners include Revolut, Onfido and Shift.

3 Benefits:

1.Mindset: Tutor participants to think like entrepreneurs and help them independently  identify and execute unforeseen solutions to grow your business.

2.Application: Provide participants with frameworks and advanced knowledge on how innovative fintech applications are solving customers’ pain-points that can be applied after within their own environment.

3.Speed: Empower participants to adopt new methods of work and provide them with tools resulting in shorter project delivery cycles and boost in efficiency/quality of output.

For this programme, CFTE has decided to partner with Neat. Last month, Neat raised $11 million with investors including Visa and  Pacific Century Group. A high growth Hong Kong-based fintech providing banking to SMEs and Entrepreneurs with  more efficient and flexible services. Neat's services include business accounts in multiple currencies, sending and receiving funds from different countries, prepaid cards and credit cards.                   

During this 8-week programme, participants will have the opportunity to work in 4 sprints of 2 weeks each. This will allow focus on delivery whilst introducing agile product development best practices.

Participants will be assigned  teams who  will interact with CFTE on a weekly basis and with Neat at least on 3 occasions for masterclasses and feedback calls.

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